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 Born in Serbia before 42 year.Dedicated to BDSM 5 years ago I found myself in thispolju. There are still not developed as a BDSM activity in the region trying to educate through the available media. I live in Belgrade, srbija.At previous experience in BDSM i try to rely on the experience of those who have it a lot morethan I do and I try to reach their level.

O meni

Rodjen u Srbiji pre 42 god.Posvetio se  BDSM-u pre 5 godina i pronasao sebe na tom polju.Kako u Srbiji BDSM zajednica jos uvek nije razvijena kao u zemljama u okruzenju pokusavam da se edukujem putem dostupnih medija. Zivim u Beogradu,Srbija i u dosadasnjem iskustvu pomazu mi iskustva onih koji ga imaju mnogo vise nego ja i trudim se da dostignem njihov nivo.


I love to travel. I have been everywhere, from Alaska to Zimbabwe. For every trip I keep a travel log of my adventures and capture the world as I see it.

Check out my photo gallery to see what prefere.


I am looking for my next big adventure. There are still many places I want to visit and even more to which I want to return.But I prefer BDSM games especially when there are not many limits set, btw no limits.


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